Writing College Admission Essay: Need Ideas?

I’ve been through the difficulty of writing college admission essay pages and pages to put on my application to college. So I thought I’d offer a few ideas on how to get started on your entrance essay.

First, I have a list of essay brainstorm ideas ideas you can use to get started. I wrote this for scholarship essays, but the list will help either way.

Also, you can hop over to these ideas for more ideas and some freebie samples to see how other students have succeeded with their essays. These ideas and samples are just to jog your memory and get you thinking about how to get started.

Now for a few pointers on the writing process:

1. Write more than one. Give yourself a break – don’t stress over ONE BIG ESSAY – instead, write a bunch of little ideas up, and see which ones you like. Then, pick a few and flesh them out to the right length.

2. Get a second or third opinion. When writing college admission essays, if you can show teacher or trusted friend several application essay examples, you may find one essay stands out as the best written or best one to tell about you.

3. Touch up your best essays. Check for spelling, grammar, and context. Make sure your essay answers the topic. In other words, if the essay asks you tell about your greatest success, don’t write about how much you know about desert tortoises. The two don’t relate.

If you have trouble writing, then get some help to express your ideas. You can go to a school counselor, a teacher, and some churches can offer help as well. You just need a few minutes help to jot down the changes you need from a helpful person with good English skills.

4. Rewrite. Always rewrite to improve your writing. Avoid passive voice whenever possible, and use good English, not slang. You probably know these basics already. When writing college admission essays, you want to put your best forward.

Instead of making this overly complex, let’s stop the list here. You can look at my ideas for scholarship essays , and many also apply to admission essays as well.

And here's a page about being rejected after applying.

I know how it feels to get accepted. You get that elation, that lift, and it lasts for a long time. Knowing you have a university or college ready for you feels great. You can do it.

Good luck!

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