Weird Scholarships Await: Apply!

Can you get weird scholarships? These are just scholarships for doing things most people don’t do.

Don’t worry – you don’t have to actually be weird. The wacky scholarships I am talking about really have to do more with unusual traits or hobbies you may have. You could even get one for an odd or uncommon experience.

What To Look For

Here’s an example: the Billiard Education Foundation offers a scholarship for students whose lives have been changed by billiards. You would need to write a scholarship essay (link on my site), and submit by the deadline, of course.

And this is just one of many weird scholarships you can find. Take a minute and look up some of your hobbies, maybe someone has a wacky scholarship for it.

Be sure to add the word "scholarship" to whatever you are searching for to make sure you find opportunities to apply.

Custom Search

You could get one for being a milk drinker, or for sewing – even for knitting. You can find odd scholarships for many hobbies and activities.

You can even find fan fiction scholarships. Not too long ago, I saw one for Harry Potter trivia. How’s that for a weird scholarship?

How to Get One

The thing about scholarships like these is you have to do some looking. Often, you can do it by surfing your way to an online scholarship application. Then, follow the directions and apply.

You always have to fill out an application so that the scholarship committee can send you the check. You might have to write a scholarship essay. Or you might have to demonstrate your capabilities or hobby in some other way to win the award. In the case of the fan fiction, you would have to submit a story you wrote.

In any case, you should look if you need more tuition money. Spring is known as scholarship season, but not all scholarships get awarded during spring. Many awards also happen in the last part of the year as well.

More Weird Scholarship Ideas

I'll give you a few more ideas to get your thoughts going...

Here’s one for a graduate student – $3500 from the Journal of Environmental Investing for writing up an environmental topic.

You’ve heard of Ping Pong – or Table Tennis as serious players prefer. Three universities offer a scholarship to play on their team.

I also found many hospitals offering scholarships. Weird.

Do you paint well? How about sculpting? You can apply for many scholarships in these arts and more. I found over 50 on painting alone.

Look Around

Take a little while and look for some scholarships of your own. Look up things you would like to do and see if you can turn that new experience into an application.

If you own an odd collection, maybe it relates to a field that offers and annual check for a student like you.

Keep looking and applying!

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