Want An Undergraduate Scholarship? 3 Easy Strategies

Looking for an undergraduate scholarship for college this fall, or maybe for next year? I have three easy strategies you need to learn.

And just in case you want help for one of your kids, you should really learn these strategies, too. Sometimes kids think their parents have it all arranged, when really some scholarship or grant help would make things some much easier.

The strategies are just below. For more on financial aid, take a look at my scholarship sources page, and a quick primer on how to get scholarships and my financial aid page.

The 3 Easy Strategies

I am going to introduce you to a couple of people who can help you with money for college tuition. You should get to know these people, as they will help you find undergraduate scholarships, and more financial aid in general.

And I’ll acquaint you with a place set up to give financial aid, but not the FAFSA or the Pell Grant – closer to home.

Easy Strategy 1: Meet Your Guide

I know most high schoolers don’t really want to get to know their guidance counselor. But then, most won’t get scholarships, either. You can be different. Or, if your son or daughter is a junior or senior, you should probably meet their guidance counselor yourself.

Just a little bit of reality: your child may never get around to it.

What can their guidance counselor do for you? At the very least, the counselor can help you understand what aid other students have found in the past in terms of undergraduate scholarships.

And maybe they will know when your school will have a financial aid fair.

Easy Strategy 2: Phone a Friend

Okay, I borrowed the phrase. Here’s the point. If you have chosen a college or a few colleges, and been accepted, you need to make a call. Call the financial aid office at the university you plan to attend. If you haven’t decided, call all the ones where you have been accepted.

Ideally, you should go see them.

Even more ideally, you should find out if they have a financial aid fair so you can ask about an undergraduate scholarship or other aid. Even jobs.

In some areas, schools will set up fairs or other meetings to help you at high schools near your home. You show up with your ACT college entrance exam or SAT score, your GPA, and you apply for aid right there.

The financial aid office can tell you about all the federal programs, but also tons of other things. Like if you can expect to get a campus job, or what loans in addition to the federal programs you can get.

I once used the financial aid office to get a short-term loan, and I had campus jobs as well. My first year, my friend lined up at 2 am to get a shot at a campus job – and he got one, the week before school started.

Easy Strategy 3: Acres of Diamonds

I should say acres of undergraduate scholarship opportunities. This refers to the story of Al Hafed told by Russell H. Conwell of Temple University. He told the story to get people to look for opportunity at home, and that’s what I am saying as well.

Specifically, visit or call your state office of higher education. Every state has funds and programs for scholarships of some kind. Some are better than others, of course, but they all have student aid.

Also, they all have websites, and I have an ebook with links to every one, including US territories. Just put in your email address and you get the ebook and my occasional newsletter as well.

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Try These Strategies

You don’t have anything to lose, may as well see what if you can find that undergraduate scholarship. I hope it’s great, and I hope you finish.

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