Great Tuition Assistance Plans: 4 More Places To Look

I've listed 4 more great tuition assistance employers below. It only takes a minute to read, but could benefit you for years to come.

Remember, these plans I am talking about refer to employers with programs to help you get through school. If you are going to work during school anyway, you should at least work for someone who can help you finish.

To read about the first six places to look for great plans, read the first article about tuition assistance plans. You can also find information there about what employers require for eligibility.

Let's get to the list.

1. City and County Programs

I did a recent search on Google for City Tuition Assistance Program and found 2 cities very near me high in the search results. I did this as a simple test, and it worked. I recommend you call your city. Also, if you live in a large city like Los Angeles, Chicago, or Miami, your city likely has a program. But even smaller cities will have programs. Call and check it out. You will still need to meet all the requirements.

You'll need a full time position with benefits and possibly some time on the job before you qualify.

2. State Government

Working for your state can offer great opportunities. And because states have many agencies, usually several agencies need help. Also, states typically have their own job opening sites as part of the state site. While you are there, look at the grant and scholarship programs. Since states have a vested interest, you may find yourself limited to state colleges, but you also may have better a better assistance program because of it.

State governments offer something cities and counties don't have - variety. Nearly every state has a wide selection of agencies, and that benefits you in tuition assistance. Most organizations limit their funding to fields they need, and states need many different specialties.

3. Federal Government – For The Armed Forces and Civilians

This category should be an article all its own, but I’ll summarize. Every agency and every branch of the service has tuition assistance programs. Many agencies have multiple programs depending on career field. Some agencies even have full time pay with tuition and release time.

Don’t know where to apply? has most of the listings, but if you know some federal employees, you may want to talk to them as well. By the way, every military base has civilian jobs, too. Once you have the job, you will have to talk to a benefits office to find out how to get the tuition assistance. Also, ask about leadership development programs, as these usually include paid college courses.

4. Big Employers in Your Area – Near The School

You likely can find some help just from the groups above. If you still need ideas, ask about large employers near your college. And when I say near, 50 miles could work, but less is better. You may have a large cheese factory, a local manufacturer, or other company just in your area.

Large employers work with universities for recruits and programs like these. I have a friend who earned his MBA on site at his job because the company recognized the value of education and paid the university to bring the program to the employees.

Your college employment center can tell you of large employers, even before you start. See if they have any entry level positions, and help with tuition.

More Ideas

Finding a job with a tuition assistance program can come from anywhere. Networking can help you find openings before anyone else knows of them.

Sending employees to college through assistance programs helps companies stay current on new technologies, and keep good employees, reducing turnover. If your company doesn't have a program like this, consider finding one that does.

Keep trying. If you really want to go, you can find a way. Student loans can help, and fill in the gaps in your budget, if you need some help. It's worth it.

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