Textbook Sell Back Problems: The 1 Reason I Never Keep A Valuable Book

You stand in line at your textbook sell back, you hand over your book, apparently the equivalent of pure gold just a few months ago. And then the clerk hands you a couple of twenties and says next. Read here why I stopped going, and find links to better ways to buy and sell textbooks.

Hop over to my Cheap Textbook Hub for great ways to save on your books and sell them fast. The story below is just to convince you that any textbook sell back will benefit you more than keeping those books.

My $125 Wake Up Call: A Business Law Textbook

As an undergrad, I kept nearly every textbook, sell back wasn’t on my schedule. I wanted a library, I said. Then, I went back to school for an MBA. I had to take business law, and the book was more than $125. I couldn’t believe it.

I found the book at about $100 online and bought it, took my class and seethed. This was my 6th MBA class – I as in an evening program – and I had kept all the books from my previous classes. I was going to build a textbook reference library again, I thought.

Then, I was walking through a secondhand store – not a used bookstore mind you, just a secondhand, thrift store. You know, donate, and a church or other charity runs it to help the poor.

And there on the shelf was my book, one edition old – I bought the 8th edition, they had the 7th – for $3.

Yeah, $3.

I immediately sold every textbook I had used for my MBA classes, and several of my other books that had any value. I consider it one of my best business decisions ;)

Why Sell Your Books Right Away?

Textbook sell back demonstrates the situation perfectly. You pay top dollar for a new textbook, take the class, then try to sell it back. The school only buys back as many used textbooks as they need, frequently leaving you holding the extra one. You end up with a valuable textbook you don’t need.

My library was the same in a way. I had valuable textbooks wasting away on my shelves. Or, I could do my own textbook sell back and then buy older versions at a fraction of the price to fill my library. Which is what I do now.

For instance, the $3 seventh edition textbook above? It’s on my shelf as I write this. I also bought the same strategic management textbook I used in class, same authors, 1 edition back, also for a whopping $3. It makes me smile just to tell you this :o)

Cool Textbooks

One of the coolest parts of this cheap library concept is that I can buy any textbook I want – I don’t have to limit myself to the classes I took. For $3-6, I can have reference books on any subject. So I do. All of them added up would barely equal one new book!

Textbook Sell Back and Eating Your Veggies

The textbooks you buy for school have a limited shelf life, like milk about to go bad, or that avocado you forgot in the veggie drawer. Their value lasts only until the next edition comes out. But just like a carrot you have to peel, any current edition textbook, almost no matter the condition, has value. Whether it has a torn cover, excessive highlighting, notes in the margin, or even dog ears (I hate those), you can have your own textbook sell back if it is still current.

High prices on textbooks are for a good cause: trying to bring you the best information for your money and give you a great education.

But it costs a ton. So get the books you need, and then have your own little textbook sell back every semester. Sell them online or use some of the other methods in my Cheap Textbook Hub to put more cash back in your pocket.

Start Today

If you have 10 books gathering dust, don’t wait. Get online and see which ones professors still use, and sell them fast if you don’t have other use for them. Like holding up your TV. Everybody uses $100 books to hold up their TV, right? Sell those books now!

If you need a reference book, may I suggest you take a look at your local thrift store? You’ll be surprised how far $5 will go.

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