7 Student Loan Debt Relief Resources

Graduated, right? Looking for student loan debt relief? Check out these resources and see if you can find what you need.

I've put together these great sites to help you get your loans under control. Let's get started.

1. Equal Justice Works

Here you can attend a free, live webinar to learn more about public service loan forgiveness, income-based repayment and how to qualify.

Public service loan forgiveness recently became law, and has some quirks to it. I have a page outlining the basics of loan forgiveness . This webinar will give you more information and help you get the forgiveness you need.

2. Student Loan Relief

This site wants to support people currently suffering from student loan debt and educate future college students on the burdens of student loan debt.

One line says they can help you pay off your loans – how's that for student loan debt relief.

You can post your story of how you have found relief, or at least managed your payments. And you can learn what others have done. Plenty of information on what works and what doesn't.

3. You Can Deal With It

Loan servicers AES and Fedloan put this together. The site has some good ideas and some free tools you can download on budgeting.

Very user friendly.

4. Student Loan Borrower Assistance

Learn how to discharge student loans, bankruptcy, and other tips.

Helpful definitions of undue hardship, what you can do if your loans are too big, and so on.

Get Out of Debt Gurus

5. Dave Ramsey

I like the ideas Dave Ramsey teaches, and have used them. You can take one of his get out of debt classes, through his Financial Peace University.

Dave recommends paying off your debts smallest to largest in a rollover system. Once you pay off a debt, add the payment to your next debt.

His class takes 12 weeks, and it's excellent. You'll have to pay about $120 to take the class in your area – his site can provide more information. The class format helps, and you can share your success.

6. John Cummuta

This system is called Transforming Debt Into Wealth. He advocates taking a set portion of your income, such as 10%, and paying off your debts one at a time. He recommends starting at the highest interest rate debt.

You continue this until you have paid off your house as well.

Cummuta sells a CD you can listen to on your own.

These are just 2, and I'm sure you can find more.

7. Your Lender

I don't have a link here, since you know who your services your loans. Your lender may be able to offer you forbearance or deferment.

Most lenders also have a program for default avoidance. If you have big problems paying your loans, see if your lender can help you with a better payoff schedule or a delay.


Look into these resources for student loan debt relief. Don't let debt control your life forever. It will take some time to work out, I'm sure. Get started.

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