Student Loan Debt Help: 3 Zany Ways to Pay It Off Fast!

Lots of you need student loan debt help. In light of the recent bailouts, I decided to give you my two cents worth (funny, I know).

Here you have 5 of the best, fastest and craziest ways to get rid of that student loan debt or consolidation loan you’ve ever seen.

And remember, these won’t necessarily help you get ahead in life! ;) This is more of a Jim Carrey-Teah Leoni-Alec Baldwin, Dick-and-Jane kind of a pay off scenario.

So here are ways you'll likely never see anywhere else - and probably for good reason!

1. Credit Swaps

Tons of Wall Street high rollers used credit swaps, now you can, too.Get as many credit cards as it takes to payoff your student loans. Don’t charge anything on them! Nothing! Until you have enough to pay for all of your student loans.

Once you have enough, take out cash advances on your cards or just use the little checks they send you. Pay off your student loans as fast as you can get cash advances.

You have to do it all at once, or you’ll have more payments, more debt, and more problems.

Voila! No student loans! Now you can declare bankruptcy like everybody else.

Okay, not the best way to get student loan debt help…let’s look for more.

2. Foreclosed Homes

You’ve seen the headlines, you’ve heard the stories, you’ve lost your neighbors. House after house is now vacant. Your tract might even be a bit like a ghost town.

Put those houses to work for you!

Buy a foreclosed home or rundown property.

Get a big second to fix it up or as a HELOC (home equity line of credit). If you don’t get enough, you have to do this twice.

Use the money to pay off your massive consolidation loan!

Now, sell it for a profit, or default. Jingle mail. You get the picture.

3. Get a great partner – like China

You may have heard that China owns much of the US outstanding debt, nearly a trillion in US bonds of various types. Many people think we may default or inflate our way out of these debts.

Why not try the same thing?

Get to know the wealthier, non-owing alumni at graduation, or your local meat market. Or your CEO, especially if you work in the banking sector.

Have fun, get massive loans on his or her great credit, and pay off your student loans.

Now, split up. Sounds fun, right?

Okay, if you still haven’t found one you like, keep reading. More student loan debt help on the way.

Could you live with paying off your loans like this?

I don’t think I could. Some of your friends have either tried these or are thinking about them. If you find these methods of student loan debt help unsavory, you could try a couple of others.

- You can move to a smaller place, get a second job, and send all of your extra money to your loan for a year or two.

- You can stop putting money in your 401K or IRA, if you still are, and pay off your student loan.

- You can take a break in your life, join the peace corps, and get $7500 towards your student loans for 2 years of service. Difficult if you have a mortgage or kids.

- You can get a job that comes with loan forgiveness, like being a school teacher or a doctor or nurse in a less privileged area. Loan forgiveness can be tricky, so be very careful in making this change so you are sure you get the benefit.

Crazy, right? ;0)

Paying off loans can really stink. Think twice before borrowing, and pay them off fast whenever possible. Avoid getting a new car, don't buy a big house right away, and send the extra to pay for all those great classes that made you extra smart.

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