Student Loan Consolidate Rules and Facts

Have you heard of student loan consolidation?

Consolidate before your grace period ends and you will save some money on interest. Lenders and the student loan program offer several benefits for consolidating. Take a look at these benefits, requirements, and drawbacks.

Benefits when you Consolidate Student Loans

After doing some research, I found over 10 benefits to consolidating student loans . One, the grace period benefit, I mentioned above. Click on it to learn the rest.

Requirements and Links

This list of 5 short things to look at and a couple of links that will help you start the consolidation process. Short read and good information.

Drawbacks to Student Loan – Consolidate transactions

While you probably have heard of many of the benefits, you may not know the drawbacks to consolidation. I made up a list of the 5 main drawbacks to consider before you complete the transaction. Take a look – it may save you some money later.

In general, whether you just got out of college with several or one student loan, consolidate now or later, you will be glad you know some of the rules and understand how it works.

My Experience with Consolidating

I had a bunch of student loans when I finished my bachelor’s degree, so I consolidated. It has worked pretty well for me. I went back to school for a graduate degree, and I got a few more student loans.

When I finished, my lender contacted me before my grace period was up and offered the federal student loan consolidation program.

I now have paid off ALL my student loans!!!!!!!!

No one can repossess my degrees! LOL - okay, no one does that, but it feels great to have them paid off.

Hope your experience goes just as well.

Some Fun Ideas

For some fun ideas on how to get rid of your student loans, hop over to my student loan payoff for some ideas or to student loan debt help , for even more ideas, though a bit zany! Good luck, and get those loans paid off.

For some top tips, look at private education loan consolidation.

To learn cool options for private student loans, have a look at how to refinance private student loans to learn about some of your options. It might be easier than you think, and you could save a bundle.

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