Selling timeshares online

by John
(bismarck, ND)

I hooked up with a group who received timeshares through liquidation and trade in at other timeshare resorts. I get paid to take over the ownership and then was able to sell each property for an average of around $2600. Sometimes it is quick, others take a couple of months, but I only advertise online which takes me maybe 30 minutes a week. The trick is to advertise everywhere. I don't remember if I found them through a job posting or classified ad, but their website is

The first sale I made $3200. It took me three weeks. The next property they gave me, I decided to use that year for spring break. I got a two bedroom condo in Cancun for $700. I took 4 friends and we each had to pay $140 for the whole week. I ended up selling the property to the guy next to me on the plane trip back. He said he wanted his son to be able to enjoy a nice break each year while he was in college. I made $2200 on that one, more than covered my plane ticket and the weeks bar tabs.

I have thought about doing this full time, and have actually switched my major to marketing.

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