The Sell Textbook Resource List

Why did I name it the Sell Textbook Resource List? Forgive the grammar – but that’s what people look for when they want to get rid of their college books. I have compiled several places you can sell a textbook and a quick description of how each works. Short and sweet, just the essentials. You may even have your book sold today. You can definitely have it listed online in the next 10 minutes.

The List

Where to sell textbooks fast and easy. I have a recommendation on each for usability and speed.

1. Sell Back Books : Part of the eCampus company, Sell back books will do a great job buying back your books. The site will make you an offer and pay quick.

Whenever you sell your book to a textbook broker like this, you can expect that they will take a bit for themselves. Sell back books will have to warehouse the book and so on, so they have expenses. Still, using a used textbook broker works great because they have so many customers, especially since eCampus sells millions of books.

Fast and simple, this company has done this a million times and knows how to make it easy for your. An excellent choice and it will save you time. Go ahead and give Sell Back Books a try.

2. Amazon sell stuff page : always a good choice since Amazon has great traffic for textbooks. I have used them several times. You list your book for sale, you pick the sale price. You can get a book online and ready to sell in about 2 minutes after you register for an account, which only takes a minute. Use the ISBN to list your book; it's the easiest way to find the right title, author and edition. This will speed up your listing.

Drawbacks to this type of sell-textbook transaction: you have to wait for your book to sell. If others have the same used textbook listed, you can see their prices when you look up yours. Be sure to look at what others have set for their price. Usually, the low price sells fastest, regardless of condition. If you want to sell fast, list cheap!

Another drawback: Amazon sets the shipping rate: $3.99, by Media Mail, a shipping service just for books, cd's, dvd's and such with the United States Postal Service, the USPS. If your book weighs too much, you will pay extra, and you won’t get any more for shipping. I have lost money on this before – but usually just a dollar or two.

On the positive side, you set the price, so you may keep more. Amazon keeps 15% plus about $1 in fees for every book you sell. I have been very happy with Amazon, and I recommend trying it out to sell textbooks.

Here's the link again - and happy selling. Amazon sell stuff page

3. : Half is a great bookstore that competes with Amazon, works very similarly. Similar shipping policies, similar fees. You can list using the ISBN, which makes it quick.

Half is owned by eBay, so if you have an eBay account, registering at is easier. Not quite as many people know about, but their results often show up when a searcher uses eBay. The results show up at the very bottom of the page.

I have also used, to buy and sell. Half has similar commissions to Amazon, by the way. The site has great traffic, and you should do well selling your books through Take a look here:

4. : eBay, the biggest garage sale in the world, also works great for a sell-textbook transaction. The downside comes from the auction part of the site.

To sell a book on eBay, you have to list it for several days. You can use buy it now, which I like. In buy it now, you also get paid almost immediately through paypal – a nice plus.

You set your own shipping, a plus in my opinion, but also one other thing your customer has to keep track of to compare you to someone else.

One other possible drawback: people like to see a picture of the book they will buy. You can use your cell phone – I have – but you still have to upload it. More difficult than the other services here. A picture can help if you have multiple pieces to a set, like volumes, CD’s included, and so on.

If you get a bid instead of selling through buy it now, you will have to wait, but that works similar to Half or Amazon. Just be sure you set your price for the minimum you want to get. If you start at zero for an expensive book of Babylonian poetry, you may not recoup your costs.

I’ve sold tons of stuff on eBay, and I like it for things when I don’t know the exact value. I prefer Half and Amazon for textbooks, but I have sold some expensive books on eBay. You may prefer it, and the site has tons of features, and it’s easy to use. .

My Favorites

I like these four the best. As with any sale, you won’t get paid until your item sells. Of the four, Sellbackbooks will give you money the fastest usually. Only a buy it now purchase on eBay will be quicker, but not every time.

I have seen others, like Phat Campus. Phat has a sell textbook option, with their textbook buyback program, but it's on hold at the moment. I expect it will be back soon, and I'll add it above.

If you have a favorite service for selling your books, please tell me about it so I can check it out and add it to the sell textbook list.

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