Find Scholarship Sources: Where to Look

You can find scholarship sources everywhere – but you need more in your area and that you qualify for. My list below will help you find more places that fit you. Then, you can send in applications for more programs, and win more awards for your budget.

By the way, you may have read that tons of scholarship money never get to students because of too few students filling out the forms and asking for it. It’s true – and you can get some of these awards. Most scholarship programs allow you to use their money for any education related expense. Take a look here for a list of what that means – it’s not just books, pencils, and university fees.

Local Scholarship Sources

Some of the items on the scholarship ideas list you will recognize, while others go a lot further than you likely have gone in previous searches. Take these ideas and try them out. You don’t really need a financial aid consultant. You can find financial aid yourself, and save the money for a month of rent at school.

You can get a few more ideas after the list as well. Here’s the list:

· High schools have a guidance counselor or office – go to more than just yours. Try out some other schools in your area.

· Your university financial aid office, and financial aid offices at the colleges nearest you. Some of these offices also have websites that allow free scholarship searches.

· Scholarship guidebooks at a local bookstore or look for guides at or Granted, this is an obvious place to look, but have you applied to all that you qualify for?

· You can use a good online scholarship search site, but be sure it has a good reputation and doesn’t charge. And look beyond the most well known one:

· Jr. colleges and voc schools often have offer financial aid advice as well. Some students go to these schools to continue on to an advanced degree.

· Nationwide or nearby companies and business organizations can be great scholarship sources, especially if you work for them or your parents do. Almost every city has a chamber of commerce, and the county could have its own. You might also find a women’s chamber, a redevelopment zone, a downtown merchants association, a Hispanic chamber, and so on. Some of these organizations offer their own scholarship.

· Officer’s and other clubs on military bases may be a scholarship source.

· Large and small non-profit organizations, such as the Rotary club, Lions club, Elks, and more offer scholarships.

· Professional associations, like the IEEE, ASME, ASE, EWI (Executive Women International) and others provide funding for college students. Are you a member of any clubs? Are your parents? Could you become a member? The national organization may have scholarships as well as the local chapters.

Organizations offer a scholarship to help students, generate good press, and to encourage goodwill. But some only publicize it within their group of associates. When an author of a book of scholarship sources or a website tries to make a complete list, they may miss many small programs. Looking in your local area can really be a goldmine.

Regional Sources

Numerous large companies offer several scholarships. Sam’s club, Circuit City, Wendy’s, Snapple, Old Navy – you can make a similar listing. But regional businesses also give many cash awards for college, and are not as well known. In some cases, you won’t even find them easily online. When you can’t find a program but suspect they are a scholarship source, call them. Ask for community relations or investor relations as a start.

These companies love to give away a $500 or $1000 check. They have the company photographer snap a couple of pictures. The company can issue a press release, and put up an announcement on their website. They get free time on a radio or TV newscast, or free space on a top website or in a newspaper to make the announcement.

Closing Advice: Apply for as Many Scholarship Programs as Possible

And last, the more scholarship sources you apply to, the more you can win. Apply early, apply often, and keep your eyes open for more sources. If you qualify or almost qualify, apply.

You can try searching for a start, but keep going and find more scholarship sources.

Also, remember that grants are free money for college. Get a free copy of my grants ebook for government grant sources across the country.

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