The Online Degree in Business Administration: 10 Important Items to Remember

I spent several hours researching an online degree in business administration, and looking at offline programs as well. I’ve graduated with my degree, and I have found 10 things to remember and think about before you dive in.

On this page, I'll cover 5 items as part one of this article. The other 5 will follow in a couple of days.

Getting a degree takes time, so picking a good school that will meet your needs can really help the process along. Take a few minutes to think about these, and I also have some suggestions for places to look for programs you may like. One I'll give you right now to click on: eLearners . This site has tons of programs at great schools, and more online programs that anyplace else I have seen.

Let's look at the list.

Things to Remember

1. The Benefit

Why are you going to college? Will you get a raise? A promotion? What will an offline or online degree in business administration do for you? This become more important as you move through the 5 items.

If you expect to get a better job or a raise, that’s great – congratulations on having some ambition. As a secondary idea, you might look at what type of job you want, and see if you can tell how many people have the degree you want. You do this just to validate your plans. For instance, you don’t see many Oceanology PhD’s on salmon boats in Alaska. It’s just not a requirement for the job.

2. The Bill

How much will this cost? As you check out colleges and universities that offer an online degree in business administration or similar programs, jot down how much they cost per year or credit. The university I went to for my degree, an MBA, cost less than half of what another local university charged, and only about one third what a large online university would have charged.

For me, the lower tuition meant fewer student loans, which made a big difference.

3. The Prestige

How much respect will your degree receive? When you walk into a job interview or write a resume and say, I graduated from so-and-so university, will you get the respect you want?

To find out, look up reviews of the schools you are considering. Also, if you know anyone who has attended these schools, ask them how their degree was received. You can also call a few human resource departments and ask.

Remember, you don’t have to go to the top tier school to get a good education and a promotion. You have several items to consider, and usually this won’t be the most important.

4. The Simplicity

How hard will attending your school be? Will you have to log in 20 minutes early, or have special software? Not that any of these are bad things – you should just know ahead of time.

Also, will these schools do everything online, or do you have to handle a bunch of paperwork by mail? Online is easier, usually.

5. The Time

How long until you graduate? Is this a lock step program? I passed on a more prestigious program partly because it was a lock step program. I couldn’t skip a semester if I needed to, and I did need to later. I would have had to apply for reentry.

What about schedule? You may also want to consider the length of a class. Traditional colleges and universities have 16 week semesters, and may stay with that schedule for their online degree in business administration as well. My classes lasted only 4 or 8 weeks, and I have also seen 5 and 6 week terms as well.

In my opinion and experience, 8 weeks or less works really well for people with jobs and other responsibilities.

Cool Programs Listings

Take a look at these listings to see tons of great programs for an online degree in business administration.

eLearners has the best selection of online online degree in business administration programs I have seen anywhere, as well as tons more types of programs. Click on the link and choose a program or several and request information. The info is free, and you can take your time choosing a college or university.

Education for careers offers a bunch of good programs as well, along with supportive articles.

They work very similarly. Just click on the one you like, and then you go into the list of business administration programs and give them your info to learn more about their program. Easy.

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