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Has this online college degree story happened to you?

A work friend is walking along with a box of their things...

They are leaving, but not because they were fired - no, instead, they are now your supervisor's boss!

Crazy, right? But I've seen it happen a few times in a few different ways.


She or he got an online college degree, taking classes from home. A degree can really help your career. You can earn more, and enjoy a great future. Tons of sites online provide access to online and offline schools. There are plenty of great online university courses to choose from.

I have briefly outlined how these sites work, and what you will find there. You can kick off a cool new profession with these, or just move up the ladder.

Look at the reviews to see what each provides and avoid frustration.

At the end I have a paragraph about online college and university accreditation. It'll help you avoid diploma mills and online college scams.

Take a look at 7 Reasons Masters Degree online programs rock for great benefits to online programs.

And now, on with the coolest sites for online degrees and free information.

Education Network Sites for Online College Degree Programs

When I was looking for a Master’s degree, I spent several hours looking for schools online. I got frustrated! Seemed like I couldn’t figure out which schools were where. This guide can help eliminate that problem.

You can also check out 10 important things to look at in an online degree in business administration . You'll find things to think about when you apply or look at online college degree programs.


This site specializes in online college degree programs. You can find a wide variety of programs and schools, all with online programs. The site boasts 209 online schools, with over six hundred online degree programs.

The programs offered cover tons of great opportunities, even video game designer. Sounds like fun.

You can immediately see several ways to search when you arrive at the site. First, by typing in a keyword to search. Second, you can select an interest such as humanities, business, science, vocational, and so on. Third, you can look at programs by degree level, meaning associates, bachelor master and so on. And fourth, you can simply click on the name of a school. And last, you can search by where the campus is.

The site offers many resources and helps for you to plan for school, get financial aid, and similar stuff.

I like this site. Because it focuses on online college degree programs and students, you don’t have to worry what you find on the site isn’t available online. Many of these schools also appear on the other sites below, but none of those focus solely on online programs.

Some schools you’ll find: Cal State Northridge

Boston University

George Washington University

Strayer University


Colorado Technical University

Gonzaga University

Indiana State

Kent State

Lehigh University

And hundreds more...

To check it out, go to eLearners and search for the program you want.

You can also read a more complete review I wrote about the best online degree program site


Nice site. Lets you create an account to manage your applications and career guides and college contacts. You can search by degree level, subject, concentration, and school. I searched for business degrees, and the site brought back 27 results, with a variety of degrees and concentrations to choose from.

When you find a school or degree that you want to know more about, you fill out the form to get more information. You’ll find resource pages as well on financial aid and many other subjects related to college.

This site also offers live help and chat.

I find this site to have the best overall list of schools of any that I have seen, with traditional and online campuses.

Some schools on this site:

Arizona State University

Boston College

Bowling Green University

Cal State Northridge

Duke University

Johns Hopkins

University of Utah

Seton Hill

Texas A & M

University of Washington

Wake Forest

University of Phoenix

And dozens more.


This site has a selection and dozens of schools for an online college degree and offline schools. When you narrow it to just online, the selection dwindles to just a few schools. Pepperdine University, a great traditional university, also appears on this site, along with several other good schools.

This site has accredited schools as far as I can tell. Many are for profit, and offer their programs online and off. I also found links to financial aid (many qualify for Pell grants) and accreditation information.

A few of the schools you’ll see:

Pepperdine University

William Penn University

Warner Pacific College

Thomas More College

Southern Wesleyan University

Cardinal Stritch University

Gwynedd Mercy College

Aquinas College

Pennco Tech

Southern Technical College

Pittsburg Technical Institute

Sanford Brown College

TriState Business Institute

College of Westchester

And dozens more…

Many schools, spread out across the country. Tons of programs to choose from.


You should plan on going to an accredited college or university. Accreditation gives the school credibility, and means your degree has value. This link has a detailed list of all the accredited schools in the United States by name, address, and state or territory. Make sure your school is on this list.

One big part of accreditation is work. To get a real degree, at a traditional school or an online college degree, you have to do some work. If you don’t do reports, projects, presentations and take tests, your degree may not be worth what you think it is.

I put together some thoughts on how to choose a school called the Best College For Your Money.

Think you might need financial aid - like a student loan? Go to my page at student loans for online degrees And here's a page on getting accepted without taking a college entrance exam.

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