An Oddball Scholarship to Consider

Graduating seniors – look at this oddball scholarship! Juniors, too – this can help.

When I was in high school, I blew my chance to win this scholarship. My friends tried to tell me. My parents tried to tell me… so listen up: now is the only time you qualify for this one.

But you get more than one shot!

Here it is:

Most colleges and universities require freshmen to take an entrance exam. The two most popular are the ACT and the SAT. Many high schoolers take these tests as juniors, some even as sophomores just to practice.

When you take it, you will get a score. The score I got was high enough to get in and skip college math, so I was happy, even though I knew I would take more math in college. Also, the testing company encouraged kids like me to only take it one time.

This is where I made my mistake. You can take the entrance test more than once. You can improve your score.

The Oddball Scholarship

This seems odd to many people, because it is based only on a test, but you can get a scholarship just for getting a great test score. Really.

Yes, it depends on the college or university you plan to attend, and I can’t predict that, but you can check with your favorite schools before you pay tuition or commit. Some schools may have other requirements – be sure you know them.

And if you don’t score high enough, you could take the test again if you can improve your score. I’d suggest you do your best to improve before your next attempt, of course.

Then, when you get your acceptance letters, you can check with those universities to see if you qualify for this oddball scholarship before you go.

In some cases, it can make a serious difference. And right now, finishing high school, you have your best shot at this award.

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My Story Vs. A Rock Legend

I blew off this chance – I only took the ACT and the SAT once. My parents said I should take it again, and I knew kids that got scholarship money for getting a high score.

I should have taken the test over – I am sure of that. As a senior, I took AP English and Calculus. It’s likely I would have gotten a better score.

So what rock legend did better?

The rock star I am talking about got a perfect score on his college entrance exam math score. I don’t know if he got this oddball scholarship to go with it, but he did ace the test, but he did attend Cornell for a few years.

Who is this mystery star?

None other than Huey Lewis.

I was shocked – I have never associated great intellectual capacity with Mr. Lewis. Weird Al Yankovic, maybe, but not Lewis, until I heard him on the Adam Corolla webcast. And if you haven’t heard of him, check out his stuff on iTunes or Google Play.

Anyway, take your shot, do your best. Don’t be afraid to retake the test if you can improve your score. This is one oddball scholarship you might want to look into.