Money for College Education From a Website: My Story

Finding or saving money for college education costs, especially tuition, can be daunting. If you have time before college, or if you want to build an income during college in your spare time, this may help you. That's how I started, too.

Why tell you about my site?

I'll get to my story in a second.

First, do you need more income? I am writing about this because of you! Know what happens almost every week, and sometimes 2 or 3 times each week?

I get emails asking for ways to get money for college education costs.

While I can’t tell every person where they can get money for tuition, I can tell you how to earn some of that money.

A website gives you some flexibility. You can work at your own pace and build a site about something you know. Take a look here at the variety of successful people and their sites.

You won't get rich quick, but you can earn money for college.

If you have some spare time, and some time to build a site and help it grow before college, think about building a website with SBI.

My Website Story

I was in college working on my graduate degree a few years ago, and I needed to make some more money for college education costs like textbooks. And I just wanted a side business.

I tried building a website, but I didn't know how. I didn't know html, css, java, or really any programming.

And guess what? I still know very little about these things :o(

I wasted a year trying to figure this out. Finally, I found SBI, but I didn't buy for another 4 months!

When I did buy, I goofed. So I can tell you what to do: follow directions. I didn’t. My site was too spread out - the topics didn't relate well.

After 10 months, I had only 12 visitors per day, dismally low.

I shut that site down and started this one doing things according to the Action Guide . You can look at it free. It has great guidance for anyone building a website.

I was shocked at how much better I did. After the same amount of time, I had nearly 100 visitors per day! That's not a lot, but it is much better than I did before.

I earn money every month now. I'm not getting rich, but I am paying off my student loans. Very cool.

You probably guessed, I graduated before I figured all of this out.

What about html and all the programming?

I use a system that does it for me: SBI's blockbuilder. I click, I type, I cut and paste. Not too hard.

Drop me a note if you want to ask a question, or just click here for more info on how to do it.

You can make money for college education expenses, like a computer. This works for me, it can work for you, too.

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