by Bod Fox



If you are a student, (international students also allowed) with a .edu email account, you can go to mindsumo.com and sign-up your student email account . Then, open your email and verify your mindsumo account. As soon as you do this, you will have earned $35 into your account. You can invite your friends, write some problem solving essays to easily win $50-$500 and there are other ways to keep your earning going. Industry questions from Google, Ernst and Young, Cocacola are all there. Mind sumo is a career building networking site too, so you can get internships offer, jobs and get career advises/chat with professionals too. I earned $95 within this few days using the site and some of my floor mates have earned almost $1000 each now. Your money comes into pay pal account, which you can easily transfer it to your personal bank. Ask around if you doubt this, they are more like grants, same way you write essays for small scholarships P.S For additional $5, use promo code: BODFOX

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