The Mesothelioma Scholarship: Why You Should Pay Attention

Have you looked at the mesothelioma scholarship? I think I know what you are thinking – “I don’t have mesothelioma – neither kind” but that’s not the point.

Look, you don’t have this disease, but this scholarship illustrates an incredibly important idea about how to beat tuition and get through college.

Here it is: You need money, you should apply for every scholarship you can, including the mesothelioma scholarship, if you have lost someone to this disease. 

The people who did organize it have dedicated this award to remembering those who we have lost. It’s a nice memorial.

Short Sidebar: About Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a terrible disease. It affects thousands of innocent people who contracted the disease through no fault of their own. Their loss will be sorely missed,.

The disease came about by handling the mineral asbestos, and for some just coming into contact with another person who handled it. In fact, a similar disease with similar origins is called asbestosis.

Asbestos was a common additive to many products to reduce flammability. Its use has been drastically reduced due to the dangers of handling it.

Another Type of Scholarship

Let’s look at this a different way. There are many scholarships out there by various institutions who want to help young people progress, to do better than the past.

This scholarship is one of those. There many others. Only the most careful scholarship consultants and databases will ask if you have lost someone to this disease, and as such qualify for the mesothelioma scholarship.

I am telling you that you need to look. Let it be a loving memorial – you are dedicating some of your time to remembering a person you lost by checking to see if there is a scholarship foundation that might honor their memory.

If you find something that fits your life and experiences, apply. You need to pay tuition, or perhaps you need to pay rent – this can help. You can finish your degree, and keep the balances low on your student loans, private loans, student consolidation loans and so on, and get the diploma.

I have mentioned Mesothelioma because it is hardly known. But there are several others. For example, you could look into cancer scholarships, of which there are many.

You’ll also find specialty scholarships for Parkinson’s, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis and many others.

How I Ran Across This…

The idea of a mesothelioma scholarship or any scholarship based on a disease may seem ludicrous to many students. You are in the prime of your life, with decades to look forward to – and you should.

I ran across this category of award almost purely by chance. I have seen the bill boards and web ads of asbestosis lawyers and mesothelioma class action suits, but I am not a patient.

Then, as I was reading up on some scholarships recently, I ran across the subject of this article – and I had to stop and look it up. I had never considered that an association would give this type of award.

After reading some about it, I had to share it. These good people want to help those who have lost someone or who have someone struggling with these diseases in their life. They can help you go to college and have a bright future while also raising awareness of their cause.

Take a few minutes and see if you might want to apply for this or a similar college scholarship, if you qualify. They want to help.

You'll find the Mesothelioma Scholarship here:

Mesothelioma Memorial Scholarship 

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