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If you need government money for college, I have a treat for you. I just finished my free ebook, Grants Across The USA, which covers educational grants for college tuition and student living expenses.

I researched every state, and every territory. Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. both have excellent student grant programs. The only one I couldn’t find a program for? The Northern Marianas, you know, Saipan, Tinian, Rota, it’s an island chain.

But every state has at least one program of its own. Some, like California and New York State, have several. You might be surprised when you look up your state. You can get government money for college all across the country.

New Federal Grant Money

At the beginning of the ebook you’ll find a section on federal government money for college programs. I was surprised at them. While these programs do come and go, the ones I listed have great opportunities to provide government money for college for thousands of students.

You might like to know that congress and the white house recently decided to increase funding for the Pell Grant program, making billions more available to award in that federal government money or college program – one most people have used.

Small States and Out of State Student Grant Programs

Take a look at the states, listed alphabetically. Some of the smaller states only have a couple of programs, while some have 6 or 8 (which is a lot). Knowing your options can help a great deal as you look for federal and state grants. This guide will help you with your search for them.

I have included links throughout the book, to help you find each state site and the program you want to look at. A few of the programs offer even out of state students grants in some cases. Also, a few states have programs for vocational students and for part time students or those returning to school after a long absence.

Very cool that states have programs for this type of education.

Small States and Out State Student Grant Programs

Some states have banded together to offer discounts and waivers of out of state tuition. I hadn’t seen these agreements before researching and writing about government money for college opportunities. It turns out that over a dozen western states have a mutual agreement, as do a group of southern states. A few Midwestern states also offer waivers, but not as a group.

Waivers like this can help you attend a good school that would normally be out of reach. Instead of paying thousands for out of state tuition, you can get a waiver and pay in state tuition.

Download the Free Grant Ebook

The ebook is in PDF format. You can download it and open it right up. It isn’t very large, and I have left unnecessary graphics out to keep the file size reasonable. I listed the Federal programs at the front, then the states, and finally the territories.

The ebook is version 1 of this title, Grants Across The USA, and only covers grants and a few scholarships. All come from government money for college sources. I've done the research so you don't have to.

Take a look at the book. I offer it free. Since you are already looking for government money for college, I didn’t think you’d want to shell out a Jackson to get it, even though the research nearly killed me! Some of these programs can be very hard to find!

You need to find tuition money, hopefully free money for college, right? And if you know of more sources, you might be able to find more grants or scholarships. Download the book. Drop me a note if you have any comments, and I’ll build them into version 2.

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