Getting Money for College: 100 Incredible Resources

Having trouble getting money for college or saving while at school? Come here for a portal to a huge list of resources to help you pay tuition and finish school and a bunch more.

Go To College On The Cheap

I received an email recently about a huge resource list to help students find money for college and save in tons of ways. The list has sections about:

- Getting scholarships

- Government websites to find grants

- Help getting cheap textbooks – more on this one later

- College Credit Resources

- Guides, Advice, and Articles to help you keep college cheap

- Free college class finders (to take free classes)

- Saving college money on room and board (I love the 10 cheap foods)

- And a few more just in case

I haven’t finished working through the list, but I did find my site, at number 60 on the list in the guides, advice and articles section! Pretty Sweet.

More College Resources

I just wanted to add a couple of ideas to this great list.

If you haven’t visited , make a stop there. This site has great commencement speeches, how to get ahead after graduation, and more. It’s on the list, but it is a pretty big site with helpful content, and I have enjoyed every visit.

Also, in case you haven’t had a chance to look through other pages here at Beat Tuition, click over to see a great list of scholarship essay resources to help you write and apply for more scholarships.

An Awesome Book: Bear’s Guide

Not only does the list help you find money for college, but it also helps you get in to school. The list covers Peterson’s guide, a great resource in itself, and I wanted to add another that I find very helpful:

Bear’s Guide to Earning Degrees by Distance Learning, by Mariah Bear and Thomas Nixon

You can find accredited schools that offer online and other distance methods to help you get your education finished. I own this book, by the way.

Kudos to Christina Laun

Christina Laun authored this great list, 100 Resources to Go to College on the Cheap at – excellent job. I hope you’ll take a minute to check it out. I plan to reference it again and again in my work on this site.

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Download Free Stuff

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Good luck - and finish that education!

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