Free Scholarship Money: Your #1 Source for Scholarships

You probably need some free scholarship money to go to college, right? Or at least it would help if you had more. Almost every college student could use more scholarships.

But your last 25 applications didn’t get you a dime? Lousy luck. You can improve this, and you should start with your #1 source for college scholarships.

The #1 Source

When you filled out your applications for college, you probably included your GPA. You also sent the school your ACT or SAT scores as well.

Maybe you put on your application that you were captain of the football team, or of the cheerleaders. You wrote for your school paper. You edited the Yearbook. Did you join the French club?

Cool. Those all can help you get scholarships.

What source provides these? Your university or college.

When you write your scholarship essay on that college application, you give the admissions board a little view of who you are and what you plan to do. That gives them the chance to look at your whole application and see if you should get some of the money that they give away.

Good Information

You can find tons of links online to see what scholarships you qualify for. Did you know you can also look up how much most colleges give out in financial aid to their students?

Just ask your school or the schools you plan to apply to for how much the school gives, and what scholarships you can get through the application. Then ask for the qualification standards, or how to win those scholarships.

Asking your school for this information will give you a leg up because you will know which schools give more. You’ll also have some information on how the schools qualify you for the money.

What to do now...

For those of you still in high school, you can apply this directly and work for the last year or semester to improve. You may find some ways to improve your college entrance exam score, or another factor to get you some of the free scholarship money that your school gives students.

And if you are already in college, you can ask anyway. Many universities have awards for people high on the dean’s list, for example. Take some time to keep looking and you may surprise yourself what free scholarship money you can find.

I found that the same thing worked when I applied for graduate school. By taking extra time to study for the entrance test, the GMAT in this case, I received a high score. I took time to write a good essay for my application, instead of just blowing through it. I looked for good references.

The free scholarship money made a big difference. With a good essay and a high entrance score, I received a scholarship that paid for much of my graduate studies. Tuition no longer worried me so much. I didn’t need much in student loans, either.

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