Can You Get A Free High School Scholarship by Improving One Thing?

Can you get a free high school scholarship? Chances are, you can if you improve one thing. I’ll explain.

Many students planning to get a degree overlook the power of just one or two things in their college applications.

Your College Application Factors

When you apply for college, you have to provide several items to the university, right? They need to know who you are. The form will require a high school or equivalent for GED or Homeschoolers going on to university studies.

You’ll have to give them your GPA from high school. Also, you fill out a section that shows any activities like clubs, sports, employment and other participation that would improve your chances to get in.

On your form, you’ll likely have to write a short application essay. In some cases, this essay will be used to qualify you for scholarships.

You have to also take a college aptitude test to get into the university. Most in the US require the ACT, which used to stand for the American College Test. Many colleges also accept the Scholastic Aptitude Test, or SAT. I took both.

Any of the items above can qualify you for a free high school scholarship to get your degree. This means that improving in just one area will bring you scholarship money you can use for tuition and expenses.

My Story

I’ve been there: looking for a free high school scholarship or any other scholarship. I made mistakes in high school that I later corrected, after paying for most of my undergraduate degree.

I could have spent time working in school leadership, but I didn’t. Many schools offer scholarships in this area. Nearly all colleges and universities offer their elected student body leaders a scholarship of some kind.

I liked sports, but I didn’t spend much time on them. I could have, and applied for a free high school scholarship in this area, but again I skipped over this avenue.

I became an eagle scout as well. My participation in boy scouts actually could have earned me a scholarship to college. I didn’t research this, so I didn’t know the scholarship existed.

One of Your Strengths

What are your strengths? I liked school and I did well. I earned above average grades; maybe you do, too. But I didn’t seek for A’s, and instead earned B’s mainly. I could have done better with some focus, and you probably can, too.

I decided to take college entrance exams when I was in my junior year of high school. I had no idea how important these tests could be. You can get a nice scholarship just for scoring high on these tests.

The Worst Part

Here’s the worst of this whole story: when I was a senior I didn’t take the test again! I had earned scores high enough to get into the university I wanted to go to, so I didn’t retake the test.

My score was only a couple of points (on the ACT) from earning me a free high school scholarship. For a little money and a little time to study and improve my score, I would have earned a scholarship.

Remember, improving in just one area could make the difference and get you that scholarship.

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