Incredible: Free Government Money For College

Finding free government money for college may seem like a pipe dream, but have you seen headlines about Sequestration?

It sounds like a Liam Neeson movie: Sequestration – now in theaters.

But seriously, it’s a huge political mess…for some people. Not for others. Yes, many federal workers will be furloughed (the other new vocabulary word from the political fight). Lines may be longer at the airport. And so on.

The Best Part for Students

Did you know you are exempt, as a student in need, from these problems? I have seen news articles about how the Sequestration will affect workers, and possibly government contracts. More people may retire.

It’s discouraging – don’t let it get to you! The student portions of the federal budget have special status, and will go on awarding Pell grants and student loans.

A few things may be affected. Tuition assistance for the armed forces is under fire (like that segue?) to be sure, and some businesses, like large military contractors may have cut back some. In general, it’s still a great time to be a student.

Discouraged or Degree?

Here are a few more ideas for you to consider:

-       Now, more than ever, a good education is important. With more applicants to choose from, you’ll need your degree more in the future. Finish it up now.

-       If you are being furloughed, you may have a better chance at getting a Pell grant, since your income is being cut.

-       The time off from furloughs could also be a benefit, if you use it to finish up some classes.

-       Look at the big picture: overall the cut is under 3% of the federal budget. In the great scheme, it’s just a blip.

-       Since federal financial aid for students is off the table this time, it probably will be in the future as well.

Okay, so life isn’t so bad, and you will probably be able to weather this little political flap and small cutback. There is still free government money for college. It’s a good time to finish off the credits you need and graduate.

Bringing It Home

An acquaintance of mine taught a great lesson. Her friend ran for and won a position on his city council. After a few months, he was accused of mishandling a situation. He didn’t commit any crimes, mind you, but it looked bad – even though he technically did nothing wrong.

How did she handle it? Swear off voting for good? No, instead she ran and won a seat on the council herself.

She’s smart, and knows the issues in her area. It serves her city well that she is there.

You might consider doing the same – right after you graduate!

I know firsthand money is tight when going to school. Don’t let Sequestration scare you away from getting a grant or scholarship. Apply, and keep applying. Getting free government money for college can be that easy, and scholarships can be, too.