Earn Money For College: 5 Keys to Building a Website

How can you earn money for college using a website? Understanding the basics won't take long, and you'll find them on this page. I'll outline them for you below, and give some ideas on where to go deeper.

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Why Build A Website

A website can earn 24 hours a day, and you don't need to be there while it works. You don't have to sell in person, and you can work on your own schedule. Plus, you own it, so you can keep it after school. Cool, right?

The Five Basics To Earn With a Website

First, you need to understand a bit of marketing. People use the internet for two or three major reasons:

- Entertainment - watching a video, playing a game

- Information - how to, where to, what to and so on

- Communicating - email, IM, forums, chat, and all that

Those make up the big three purposes for going online. Web 2.0 opened up communicating in a big way, paving the way for Facebook and a bunch of others. Think about what you and people you know do online. Does most of it fit these three categories?

Now that you have these three in mind, here are 5 basics to earn money for college with a website:

1. The Reason

Why come to your site? What can you offer visitors? Do you know more than anyone about miniature Dachshunds, for example? If you can write about it, photo it or video it in a way that people like and watch, then just finish the rest of the steps and you can earn money for college this way.

2. The Eyeballs

Have you seen the T-shirt that says:

More people have read this shirt than your blog?

Funny, and very true. Most websites have few visitors. To get eyeballs on your site, you need help called links. Links can come from any other site, with search engines and big social networking sites being the most sought after.

To get a search engine to find your site, you need a topical, focused site that interrelates, and you should grow it over time with more great stuff to see, read or comment on. Or, you need brand new stuff, like a new video clip people will like.

For example, a site about Dachshunds might also talk about training, Collies, even cats and snakes could fit. But probably not stock market techniques, or a political statement.

Linking takes time and effort. To really flourish, you can submit your site to engines, blog aggregators if you have a blog, you can write articles, upload videos, and many more ways.

Between the reason and the eyeballs, you may be at this for a few weeks or months before you have an appreciable number coming to your site.

3. The Tone

The attitude of your site will determine if people like it. Are you a rebel? A friendly spirit? That's all fine - but you have to be genuine.

In other words, if you try to sell people the second they hit your site, they'll hit the back button. But by being genuine, you will attract likeminded surfers and build a following.

Which brings me to...

4. The Relationship

Plan to build a friendship with your visitors. You do this with a blog, an email newsletter, polls, and similar methods. If they know you, they will come back.

By building a relationship you will also build a focused list of people interested in your content, and your products. You can then market related products to your fans, and earn money for college for years to come. Even after, if you like.

And finally, when they come back and trust you, you can ask for...

5. The Cash

You do this in many ways. You can sell something, for example, like a special line of jewelry, or an ebook. You can also refer people to other businesses for a fee. And you can sell advertising on your site, with text ads or bigger ones that help people find products related to your site.

Your website will earn money for college in a variety of ways that you set up. It takes some persistence and work, but you can do it. It isn’t all that hard.

More Information on Building a Website

I left out all the HTML, Java, and Flash - because I don't do any of it. My webhost handles all of that for me, and doesn't cost too much.

You can read more about my experience with building a website, or go to Site Build It! (SBI!) to learn about all the tools my webhost provides to help you and keep you focused on building a site, not learning to program.

If you prefere to watch instead of read, take a look at the video version .

For another way to do it, take a look at the book The Four Hour Work Week, by Timothy Ferriss. He describes how to set up a website and where to find several helpful tools to run it. The book focuses more on how to retire or live like the new rich than on how to earn money for college, but the idea is the same.

You can also get your feet wet by trying out Hubpages.com, Squidoo.com, Blogger.com or Triond.com. All of these allow you to set up a free page and put links on it, as well as advertising. It isn't the same as having your own site, but you can learn a lot about the process.

And feel free to send me questions about how to earn money for college with a website.

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