College Student Travel: 10 Top Tips to Get Travel Vouchers

As a college student, travel may take you home for Christmas or for the summer. And, can be a great opportunity to earn free vouchers with a little help. Have you heard of free travel vouchers? I hadn’t when I went to Hawaii during a summer break from college, but I learned pretty quickly. I was waiting for my flight, and the gate agent started offering people money to go on a flight later that day.

At first the airline offered $100, then a little more. Eventually, the airline offered a free round trip ticket to anywhere in the continental US if I would wait about 3 hours.

My Lucky Day

What would you do? I was a college student, travel costs a lot, so I was thrilled to get a free travel voucher. I got off the plane. The people picking me up at the airport were a bit confused, but it all worked out, and I had a free ticket! I’ll tell you what I did with it at the end of the list.

I lucked into it, but some people do it over and over again. Here are 10 tips to help you get more free travel and save some money for college in the process.

Special Note

Let’s call this a prerequisite. If you want free vouchers, you will have to fly. To fly, you will have to buy an airline ticket. I don’t recommend trying to get free tickets as an end in itself. Instead, use other trips you take as a way to also get additional tickets if the opportunity comes up.

Since you are in college, student travel could take you on a spring break trip, over seas for study abroad, or just to see a friend like me. Good luck!

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