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Free college scholarship searches with no sign up can be hard to find. You need money for college, so you want a free way to search for awards, right? Most sites require you to register just to search.

Scholarship Search Examples

I’ll tell you it isn’t perfect – it is run by the government. But the list appears great. In the browser bar, you can put in any state name. For example, California returns 141 scholarships of results (use the scroll bar to see the page links). Texas shows 73 results.

The association category has a over a thousand awards. Granted, many of these will be related to a specific university, but as college scholarships searches go, that happens everywhere.

You can also enter a level of study, such as undergraduate or graduate level. There is even a high school scholarship category.

Your search generates a list. The list shows a summary of the scholarship with the amount of the award, the schools it applies to and other details, and the deadline for application.

To apply, you click on the link and proceed.

One other great little piece of info on this page of these college scholarship searches: how many people get an award. Many scholarships have multiple awards, and some are renewable.

Of course, you expect free college scholarship searches to return great info, otherwise, why search, right?

Where To Get The Scholarships

You'll find thousands of scholarships here, with a couple of simple, point and click choices. These will help you to narrow your search as you start applying for tuition money.

Scholarship Search Weaknesses

I did find holes or weaknesses. Other search engines may have more scholarships.

The engine did have an entry for the KFC  Colonel's Scholars program. But no duct tape scholarships – alas no search engine can do everything. You will find many scholarships for most fields. The weird scholarships or a list of unusual scholarships you may not find on this one. But you can surf right there now and check – for free, no sign up.

Here is the link:

Free Scholarship Search Engine

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