Got a College Rejection Letter? Relax. Maybe it’s not that bad.

Did you get a college rejection letter? Stinks, right? Take a minute and look at the bright side.

I have a couple of videos here to cheer you up, and an article to show you that tons of your friends and enemies are also suffering with the same rejections.

A Rejected Student Speaks

I found this over at Youtube, and it's from

I like this guy’s attitude! He got a college rejection letter, sure, but he took it in stride and made the best of the school he did go to, and double majored, too.

Newscast about Rejection Letters and Acceptance

In this video, a couple of seniors talk about not getting into their favorite schools. I’ll bet you can relate to the feelings they have as they wait for their letters.

One of the newscasters says always ask why, which sounds like a good idea. And with some schools you can appeal, but most students don’t win those. Some don't allow appeals, like Stanford.

College Rejection Letter Excerpts

I loved this article. You get to read excerpts from several school letters.

You can read the whole article at Yahoo Finance - Rejection: Some Colleges Do It Better Than Others.

I like the Harvard letter the best. Harvard has no reason to be shy, with only a 7% acceptance rate. That’s 14 applications for every student Harvard accepts. But the administrators there clearly understand that the school is secondary to the student and their motivation.

The letter says, essentially, that your college years don’t make you great, you use your time in college to become a great person, regardless of the college you attend.

Primo advice from a tier 1 school.

Sadly, Stanford does not follow suit, though the acceptance rate, 7.6%, clearly shows the two on a par with each other.

Have a Great Year

You don't have to go to that big name school. I even have one friend who went to a junior college for years before he got into a great private school! No shame in that, and very little debt.

Wherever you go, make it great. Learn, grow, find a purpose and get ready to fulfill it. Borrow as little as you can. A great college experience doesn’t always need a student loan.

Laugh and enjoy. College is great. Now finish!

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