College Job postings: 20 Places to Look

If you need a college job or summer job, you probably need college job postings. I’ve put together a list of over two dozen places to look for jobs. Hopefully I’ll share a few that you haven’t thought of!

And if I forget one of your favorites, send it in and I’ll add it to my list below.

I kept the list generic, since I can’t name the companies and job boards everywhere. Just use it as a way to brainstorm places to apply.

A good college job can help you stay out of debt, or at least keep your student loans to a minimum. And with the cash rolling in, you can skip the credit cards, too, or at least pay them off.

And now, the list!

The List

Amusement parksgo to the page .

On Campus jobssee my page about leadership jobs , but remember you can get jobs in other places as well. I was a mechanic and a custodian, twice.

Resort and hotel – many departments, too: desk, room service, housekeeping, landscaping, maintenance, reservations call centers, banquet staff, bell boys, internal restaurants (I did this), golf caddy, to name several. By the way, money from tips was great.

Delivery drivers – be careful driving! Deliver pizza, documents, work part time at Fed Ex or UPS or another, be an errand runner. I’ve done this as well.

Restaurants – wait staff, kitchen (my wife did this one), bus boy.

Fast food – you probably know everything about this one since so many people do this. Good place to learn to work.

Receptionist – again, my wife did this. Also a great way to start at an organization and move up. Many places still have receptionists. On campus may let you study while you work.

Retail – my wife sold candy and clothes. This is for both women and men.

Internships – often competitive, but worth the effort. A good internship can start a great career.

Co-op jobs – a friend of mine went to Switzerland with his co-op. Cool right? Very similar to internships. These college job postings you can usually find through your department office.

Call center – I prefer in-bound calls. I worked in outbound, less enjoyable, shall we say.

Park and Recreation for your city or county – teach tennis to kids, or any other sport.

Library – great place to work and study while you work. On campus and off.

Landscaping – it’s hard work, but you will make some money.

Construction – I had a roommate who worked construction every summer and made enough to live on through the whole year. Helped him skip the student loan- consolidation loan plan.

Janitorial/Custodial – I did this a couple of times on campus, but everybody has custodians. Often a good late evening, early morning job.

Teaching assistants – many of these won’t be in your college job postings. You’ll have to go to the teachers and their departments to see what positions you can find.

Tutors – may be through regular college job postings, or could be through a teacher or department. Great job that allows some studying, honing your skills, and meeting people.

Event staff – another one my wife did. She found hers through the college job postings before football season started. Sometimes, these jobs give you 20 hours IN ONE DAY! It’s a long day, but then you don’t have to work the rest of the week. Also, you may get to go to the event after your duties have been completed. These jobs will be food prep, cleaning the stadium, waving a flashlight to help people park, taking tickets, and so on.

Your Parents – many companies have summer jobs, and will hire an employee’s child first for the summer. Something to consider.

Some Other Suggestions

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Good luck with that job!

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