Free College Grant Money: 54+ Sources

If you want college grant money, especially free money, this page can help. Over 50 grant sources mean more chance to find helpful cash for school. Money you can use for tuition costs, books, school supplies, food, a laptop, gas, and other things you have to buy.

First source of 50+: Federal Grant Programs

Let’s get into the sources. First of all, have you heard of Senator Edward (Teddy) Kennedy? He chaired the senate education committee.

Before he died, he and President Bush and the rest of the congress agreed on college and university financial aid changes. Over the next few years, more than $20 billion will be redirected from various educational coffers to Pell grants – which I used and you may have, too.

President Obama supports this as well.

Everyone has heard of the Pell grant. I thought you’d enjoy hearing more students will get Pell awards. On to the other 50+ places to look for grants that you might not have seen before.

Such as the National Sea Grant College Program, part of the NOAA? It is an office of the US government that researches seas and oceans. It also provides free money - grant awards - to university students in all coastal and great lakes states. How many is that? That’s a lot of states! 

And other programs - just skip to the form at the bottom of the page and get all the links and sources at once.

NASA's Space Grant Program

Interested in space? NASA has several outreach programs, and students at all levels can benefit from their help. This is college grant money for space science of all kinds.

It's also featured in my ebook. To download it in PDF format, just skip to the bottom of this page and fill out the short form.

More Free Money from the Government

The above programs are great. And the federal government offers in addition to the Pell grant, the Federal Supplemental Equal Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), the Academic Competitiveness Grant (ACG), and the Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent Grant (SMART grants). Just visit the financial aid grants on the web page to learn more about these federal college grant money programs. And you can also skip to the bottom to get my full ebook as well.

Dozens More Grant Programs

But that’s just the start. You may not have enough for school even after all the federal programs listed above. Many more programs exist for you to check into for college grant money. For instance, have you checked with your state lately?

Every one of the fifty states has at least one program of its own. Some, like California and New York State, have several. You might be surprised when you look up your state. You can get government money for college all across the country.

And it doesn’t stop there. Do you live in a territory or the District of Columbia? Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. both have excellent college grant money programs. The only territory you might have trouble with: The Northern Marianas, you know, Saipan, Tinian, Rota, it’s an island chain. And maybe American Samoa. Otherwise, you should find a program you can apply to for aid.

As you might expect, some of the smaller states don’t compare to the large, more populous ones. These will have fewer programs, perhaps just one or two. The large states, like Texas, will have many more. Having choices in your college funding helps as you look for tuition money. 

Some states offer college grant money for students at vocational schools or even for part time students or nontraditional students returning to school. 

State Alliances offer Tuition Waivers and Reductions

One other idea. Many states have banded together to offer discounts and exceptions for out of state students in certain cases or for certain schools. I hadn’t seen these agreements before researching and writing about government money for college opportunities. It turns out that a group of states in the Rockies and west formed an alliance, as did a group of states in the south. A few plains states also offer waivers, but not as a group.

This can help you attend a good school that would normally be out of reach if you fall in the right category. Instead of paying out of state tuition, you can get an exception and pay in state tuition as if you were a normal resident, and finish your degree.

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