Attention Parents of High School Students…There is another way to get college credit!

How To Get College Credit Nearly Free

If your student can pass a high school final, then you can get college credit cheap, and you can start right away without going off to college to get it!

You or your son or daughter can save money, finish a degree faster, or complete a minor, all with fewer loans, and in a shorter time.

In fact, this information can cut as much as 2 years off getting a degree!

And the sooner you start, the better it works.

You know The Problem…

You or your child wants to go to college, but you don’t have enough money for tuition, books at $100-200 each, a room, food, transportation, health insurance…

And forget about a social life or study abroad.

It can look pretty bleak - I’ve been there.

See if this rings any bells:

$5,000-$20,000 for tuition for the 1st year

$500-2000 for books

$500 for rent – per month

$250 for lab fees and a parking permit or bus pass

For 4 years…

And that doesn’t include food, gas, or a trip home for Christmas.

All for a degree.

What if you could cut that down by 25%, or even 50%? Would you like to know how?

The best strategies in one place

I have compiled the best strategies for reducing your costs. Starting in high school and on through college I have put together College Credit Nearly Free to provide you with the guidance you need to reduce your time in college, which will eliminate many of the costs listed above…

And even totally eliminate a year of college!

You see, I used many of these in my own education. As a student, I was able to eliminate 36 credits before I ever paid my first tuition bill or rented a dorm room at my Alma Mater, thanks to the strategies you’ll find here.

Of course, many of these methods have been around for years. Others are newer. Some are just coming out now. You can search around and find many of them on your own, wasting time in research, or you can get this package, and have all the information right now. No waiting.

I wanted to graduate early, and get going

You see, when I was in high school, I wanted to graduate early, then finish my degree early as well, to get out into the “Real World.” My parents and I started looking for ways to cut down my time in high school and college.

While I have found ways to cut down the time in high school, most people wouldn’t advocate that for a teenage young adult. That time is valuable at home, learning how to be an adult while you still have some guidance from your parents.

But the tools I learned, the methods we found, work wonders for cutting down the time to get a college degree, and the costs come down along with the credits.

Who can use these strategies?

These strategies work for:

• High School Sophomores

• Juniors

• Seniors

• Even into the first 2 years of college

• As a matter of fact, I realized that these strategies would have cut 6 credits off my MBA if I had used them! I call that the one that got away…

You Need More Time

I think you’ll agree that as a college student, if you can cut off one or two semesters or quarters, you cut down your costs and time in school. You get more time to do what you want to do.

Whether you use the time to work, travel, or start an advanced degree, is up to the graduate. (That word – Graduate – it has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?)

As I mentioned above, I used these strategies in my own education, and cut 36 credits off my college career – credits I didn’t have to pay much for, hardly anything. In fact, after my university accepted the first 32, which required no paperwork on my part, the other 4 simply dropped off my degree requirements.

You are probably wondering: Why would a college accept 32 credits they didn’t teach or receive tuition for? It’s in there.

What else is in there:

• 4 ways to get university level credit fast

• 2 ways to get credit even if you didn’t take a related class

• How to eliminate taking any math during your whole degree

• How to find schools that will accept these methods

• How to turn high school classes into college credit, maybe even a 2 year degree -possibly the easiest way to get college credit

• Specific instructions for preparing for examinations of all kinds

One of the best parts about this information: you can use it for years. For you and your children, these strategies will work for a long time to come.

What you get:

The package includes several mp3 audios that are in a zipped file. Once you order, just download the file and unzip it, and listen. You also get a Resource Guide in PDF format, to show you where to find these resources and opportunities that are not self explanatory.

Here is what others have said about these strategies:

This is a wonderful program for high school students. Parent should strongly encourage their students to participate.


Kevin knows ho to save money going to college. Keeping his information fresh in your mind as you prepare for college will really help you to reach your goals and succeed.


And the price?

When I previewed this information for a small group recently, one person said I should charge more – like $1,000.

No way, I said, and here’s why. First, you have to use these strategies. They are very helpful, but you will have to show that you know the subject in order to get out of taking the classes.

Yes, you can save a full year of tuition, even two year’s if you really focus your efforts and do the work necessary.

A small confession

Also, I have a small confession to make:

I’m new at this, and these sound quality isn’t perfect. I have listened to each one of the audios, and while they are clear, here is a bit of a hum in the background.

Now, I like a deal as much as the next guy, so I decided to go ahead and release what I have already recorded, and then, as I add audios on more strategies, I may redo the old ones.

But for now, my audio hum is your gain… and yes, the price is far below the $1,000 my friend suggested – more on that below.

Get Started

The longer you wait to get started, the longer it will be before you see results. Don’t let a good opportunity go to waste – get started now.

I mentioned above that students in high school and early in college can benefit the most from these strategies. If you or your children fit in to that group or soon will, then now is the time to start using these strategies. Waiting will only mean lost opportunities.

In some cases, you can get these credits for free – if you act fast and you qualify, so order today, and take action.


College Credit Nearly Free comes with a no-hassle thirty day money-back guarantee. If for any reason whatsoever you aren’t completely satisfied with the course, just email me anytime within the next 30 days and I’ll refund your money.

That’s 30 days to try out these strategies and see how they work – I am taking all the risk for you. What’s more fair than that? How to order:



Kevin Ihrig

P.S.: When I used these strategies, I got a over a full year of college credit toward my B.S. degree. You can, too! Give these strategies a try.