Cheapest Textbook Case Study: 3 Places to Look

If you need to find the cheapest textbook you can, look at these three strategies. They work if you try them!

I have other pages that describe how each one works, but I just had an experience that I thought worked really well for these three together.

Back to School

My wife recently decided to go back to school to get a masters degree. Her first class calls for 4 books, and cost a lot. Naturally, she decided to try some of the ideas on my cheap textbook hub page.

Let me tell you how well she did.

1. The Cheapest Textbook: Borrow

If you know someone who has the books you need (or might have them), this option can work well. You will probably have to promise to return them and not write in them.

You can read more about this on my borrowing textbooks page. Total savings: 2 books, one $43 on Amazon, the other $60, plus shipping: $111

2. The Next Cheapest Textbook: Thrift Stores

Believe it or not, she bought one at a thrift store. Lucky for me, I saw it and brought it to her attention.

Her class calls for this edition, even though a new one came out a few months ago. Total cost: $4

Savings: normally listed on Amazon for about $60, so $54.

You can find all kinds of books at thrift stores. Even the big publishers like Prentice Hall Textbooks end up there.

3. Another Super Cheap Textbook: Inter Library Loan

She also put in a request at the local library for one book through interlibrary loan (ILL) , one of the best deals you’ll ever get in college or anywhere else, at $1, but you do have to give it back.

As it turns out, she already got this textbook from a friend, so I won’t count it in the savings.

Total saved: $165


Save Some Money for Tuition

Save yourself some money for college, buy used textbooks. Hop over to the cheap textbook hub for more strategies.

After all, every dollar you save could prevent another student loan - right? ;o)

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