Black Friday Sales Ads Can Make You Money

You can use Black Friday sales ads to make money. You just have to know how to do it and plan ahead. You’ll find links to the best deal locations, and strategies below. First, a little background, and be sure to check out the sales pages linked at them bottom of the page.

What is Black Friday?

How did the name Black Friday come about? During the shopping days from Thanksgiving or just before to New Years, stores sell more than any other time of the year. Some stores don’t actually get into a profit until the day after Thanksgiving, which usually ranks as the biggest single shopping day of the year.

Accountants use red ink when a store has a loss, and black when it makes a profit. These stores often go from a loss, red ink, to a profit, black ink, on the Friday after Thanksgiving. This earned that day the nickname - since the stores showed a profit - of Black Friday. Ad flyers naturally followed by the ton.

How Do You Make Money with Black Friday Sales Ads?

Many of the sales start early in the morning, like 4 or 5 am in many cases. I have waited outside at 3 am in line until the store opens to get a good deal. If you go to one of these sales, you’ll see a ton of people. Some stores have a line hundreds long. Best Buy and Circuit City come to mind – everyone waiting for a great deal.

Strategy 1:

You can make money by being in line first and buying the coolest, cheapest, most resalable item in their Black Friday sales ads, the best sale day of the year. Buy one, then sell it – use classifieds,,, etc.

Strategy 2:

You extend your earnings by getting more money and buying more of that cool item or different items – but watch out. A few years ago, I heard about people buying 10 laptops and reselling them. Many stores now impose purchasing limits since the store uses the Black Friday sales ads price to pack the store full.

Work Around: Bring friends and get them to buy the same item. Now you have multiples.

Strategy 3:

I should name this strategy 0, since it comes before #1. Many stores now have pre-black Friday sales ads, in an attempt to get you to spend your Black Friday money early. And it works, sometimes. You can check out some offers here:

Black Friday Ads and Daily Updates has an excellent set of links to major store ad announcements. Black-Friday also has a great list. has a little easier interface to find retailers by logo - down at the bottom.

We could go on forever here. Website after website with links to ads. You can also go to, and many others. Most of these sites have links to the actual retailers like the ones above, Staples, Wal-Mart, Sears, K-Mart and so on so you can flip through their paper ad online.

I also personally like to see what,, and have available since these three compete very well with the larger retailers. Oh, and Lowes and HomeDepot usually have a few great deals on tools and cool flashlights.

One other thing - Many of these deals start early, around the Sunday before Thanksgiving. And many stores have a great sale on the Saturday after Black Friday. But the lines and waiting all happen on Friday.

More Ideas

You could come up with more ideas on how to make money – like line-sitting, perhaps? Sell cocoa and donuts to people in the line? This works, by the way, as long as the retailer doesn’t mind.

Not a bad way to make money in college and pay your tuition, right? And you can even get some cool stuff for yourself.

Good luck. Now go make some money for college.

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