Best Online Degree Program Site Review

Need a degree? Below I review the best online degree program listing site I have found. Also, I provide links below to other pages with great resources you might use to find a degree program for you, or financial aid.

Want to know the name of the site? I'll tell you in a few paragraphs...

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Evaluation Criteria

I have been to tons of sites trying to find one that catered to online learners. Finally, I found several and looked them over. This one is the best I have found. I’ll explain why below. I’ll have some wrap up comments at the end with any faults I see.

When looking for the best online degree program sites, I had a few qualities in mind. I’ll evaluate these items as we look through the site.

1. Focus
First, the site has to focus on online learning. You’d be surprised how many sites mainly list programs offline, with just a few programs online.

This site focuses only on online programs. The site does have some access to offline programs, and most of the schools have offline programs as well, but clearly the focus is online programs.

2. Choice
Second, I wanted to see a large, multifaceted site with plenty of programs, not just one school. Any school will have its own online degree or certificate site. The best had to have a ton of programs.

This site has programs from over 200 colleges. I did a search that brought back a large list of programs, 20 or more for and IT program. My favorite lists over 2700 degrees – quite a large number.

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3. Simplicity
Next, ease of use. The best online degree program site had to have simple ways to find the degree you want, and schools that offer it.

For instance, an excellent site will have great search functions like:

• Keyword
• Major or Subject
• Degree level
• College name
• Campus programs

Also, the search functions on the site must actually produce real results as I tested them. The best combines degree level, category, subject, and sometimes concentration as well.

4. Registration
I prefer a site without registration, so you can find the information you need and get started.

You can search for programs and schools without any registration on the site I selected. You will have to provide your address and some other information when you request a package from a school or want to apply to their program.

5. More Resources
When you go to a site like this, you expect to find more than just a list of programs and schools.

On this site, you’ll find several links for financial aid and so on at the bottom of the left side after a search. It also has a forum where you can talk to other students and see how they have liked a program or school in general, which I think makes a great addition to the site.

A great site will also provide a good deal of information about schools, financial aid, and other school related topics. Finding it all on one site is handy.

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A Weakness

Even the best online degree program site will have some weaknesses. My choice for the best has so much information; sometimes the site appears crowded and cluttered.

When you do a search, two pages will open. One is a general page with a bunch of links on the left and programs down the center of the page. The other page will probably have a specific school program open for you to look at.

This can be confusing. If you don't like the program they bring up first, just close that window and look at the second window to see all the other programs available.

With a slightly cluttered view, you get an excellent set of online degrees and programs.

What Site Do I Recommend?

For the best online degree program site, I recommend eLearners because of the quantity of programs, the quality of the schools, and organization of the site. Take a look and see if you like it, too.

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