Getting an Accredited Business Degree Online: 5 More Items to Remember

Graduating with an accredited business degree online can really help your future. So far I've talked about the benefit of a degree, the bill or cost to get your online degree. I mentioned the prestige of the school, the simplicity of using the university's online system. Also, the time involved both to take a class, and the duration of the program.

On this page, I'll cover accreditation and some other key items to keep you on track. I hope that as well as my list, you may think of some things important to you. Add those to the list, and find a school that meets your criteria.

Let's get on with the list so you can get on with your accredited business degree online application.

6. The Aid

This had to be on the list. Does this university have arrangements for financial aid set up? Meaning, what kind of student loans can you use at this school? Also, does the school have access to any special scholarships, and will they help you apply?

Also, take a look at my other pages on this site about financial aid. The menu buttons on the left have tons of resources and ideas for getting financial aid like Pell grants and student loans.

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7. The Program

Do the programs for an accredited business degree online at the universities or colleges you plan to attend seem similar? Some schools require different things. Since I had an engineering undergraduate, I had to earn about 15 credits more than a business undergrad. I found that this was fairly common.

If a school promises you graduation in a short time, when others say 2 years, or 4 years, you might want to look into it further. The school might not be legitimate, or might not be accredited.

Accreditation offers some valuable benefits. Many employers won't even consider your degree and resume if you didn't attend an accredited college or university. You can check this accreditation list to see if your university offers accredited business degrees. Online programs depend on how the university offers the degree, but you can at least tell if the school has a current accreditation.

8. The Flexibility

The program I attended was offline, with online portions. I also did part without any attendance. When I missed class, I could make it up. Helpful, since I traveled a bit for my job.

What flexibility would help you? An all-online program will allow you to work on your classes anywhere, of course. You may want to see what flexibility you have in choosing classes, or how you turn in assignments.

9. The Access

Do you know if you can talk to your professor outside of class? You will need access to various university functions now and then, and you’ll have to talk to your teachers and class mates.

Since you'll work on this at a distance, you will probably do most of your work through email and some on the phone. I did this for several assignments, and it works, you just have to keep on top of it. Getting an accredited business degree online will mean lots of papers, some presentations, and team assignments. Access to everyone will require to some juggling.

10. The Follow up

When you finish that degree, whether in business or not, most people like some follow-up in the form of job search assistance. Most colleges and universities offer help when you graduate, but some will help anytime you need to look for a job.

Will you get employment support to help you find that better job? Also, how many grads from the program get jobs right away? It's worth asking what the university offers.

Get Started!

Just a few things to think about as you apply. I have found many great programs that offer an accredited business degree online, even from traditional schools. You just have to evaluate what will work best for you.

Take a look at eLearners for an excellent group of programs.

Search for your major, then pick a few schools and ask for information. The schools will send it to you for free, and you can decide if you like them.

Good luck!

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