About Me and My Money for College

Why did I start Beat-Tuition.com?

And more importantly, why should you use my site?

Because I’ve been there. I went to college and earned a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering with a minor in Spanish. I took 6 years to graduate – I changed majors a couple of times. I finished with over 170 semester credit hours. Too many! But I did learn a few things...

My College Experience

I learned about engineering and Spanish, of course. But I also learned about going to college. I finished with about $7500 in students loans, which I figure wasn’t too bad. I found a job in my field, and have had a fair degree of career success. I’ve enjoyed the work, and I loved going to school.

Before going to college, I took advanced placement classes in high school. I did well, for the most part. I took 4 AP tests and passed them all. Each test correlated to 8 credits at my university. These tests allowed me to skip entry level English and American history. I also skipped 4 Spanish classes and a generic humanities class. Cool.

Also, as a junior in high school, I took a couple of classes at a community college. These just filled out my schedule and helped me get a leg up in a couple of subjects. But the classes were just as valuable as my university classes later on.

Earning Money for College

Also, after my 22nd birthday, I applied for and received Pell Grant money. That grant really helped me through. My last semester I didn’t have a regular job and I could totally focus on school, which helped.

Earlier, I won a scholarship through the Army. It provided tuition, a stipend, and a job when I graduated. My girlfriend was thrilled. But I didn’t take it. To get it, I had to complete several ROTC classes before I signed. While I took the classes, I realized I didn’t want to be in the Army. I broke up with my girlfriend, but not over this, by the way.

A Graduate Degree and A Scholarship

That’s not all. A few years later, I applied to and entered a program for an online degree in business administration (an online MBA degree). Classes were starting and I was jazzed about finally earning a graduate degree. But the timing was off a bit. My wife asked me to wait just a little while, until we could rearrange a few things.

It worked out fine. We moved to another state, I switched jobs. Then switched again. We had a baby. And I did go back again. I earned a masters degree in business in the evening - 3 1/2 years of evenings! I finished, and I’m glad I did it. We had two more kids while I was in grad school, but I’m pretty sure school had little to do with it ;o)

When I applied for the program, I won a scholarship to help with tuition. And it was very helpful. I didn’t qualify for a Pell grant at this point, due to my work. I also borrowed another $3000, and later I got a federal consolidation loan to put all my student loans into one payment.

My Employer Tuition Assistance Program

After exhausting my scholarship, I applied to my company's tuition assistance program. These programs can really take the burden out of studying. Mine paid 100% of tuition, with a 1 year commitment to stay with the company after the class ended. No problem. I fulfilled that and I’m still here, and the degree is still mine.

You Can Find Money for College, too

This website is mainly a hobby for me, so why not share what I know? Look at this page on SBI!, my web host . SBI makes building a website very easy.

You can also look at a page I wrote up about how I built the website .

I hope it will help you, and that you’ll tell me what worked for you, and we can help more people that way.

As you can see, much of what I’ll share here I have done personally. In some cases, I’ll share the experiences of others.

Take a look around, and get yourself through school.

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