I have a free gift for you. I recorded several MP3's with ways to get college credit fast - and cheap. There's no sign up, either.

These days, tuition seems to go up every year. Books can cost a fortune as well. Any way to save can make a big difference, so these MP3's have about a dozen ways to earn college credit either faster than a normal class, or cheaper, or both.

Getting college credits for less give you the chance to skip classes, even a semester or a year of school, letting you finish earlier. Or get a minor you thought you didn't have time to complete.

The MP3's include information on several subjects, such as:

- Several ways to use testing to get inexpensive college credit

- How to get around poor grades

- Which classes you can often test out of most easily

- How to use these strategies to shorten your college degree

- Where to start

...and plenty more.

I'm new at this, so I am going to give these away free, but I would like a comment on the mp3's or the information I put in them.

Just reply to this email. Other than that, no cost at all :o)

Here's the link:

Get College Credit Fast - and Cheap

The file is zipped and the size is 54 MB. It may take a little while to download.

Once you have saved it, you will need to unzip it to see and listen to the mp3's.

That's all it takes.

One More Thing

One last thing. Being a novice, there may be some background noise in the recordings. You might want to turn down the base to cut some of the background.

I hope you get some great tips and see how you can cut down your costs and eliminate classes.

Start with the introductions first, then just have at it and listen to them all.

And remember, send me a note about what you think of them.

Here's the link again: Get College Credit Fast - and Cheap

Click the Link - Quick!

I'll give you a few days to download the file, but not too long. I am thinking of re-recording them.

Go to the site and save the file right away, so you don't miss the chance. Come visit the site often - and finish your degree!