Need Money for College? This site is for you…

Your first thought: I need money for college!

It’s an electric feeling. You get the envelope, and find out you are accepted - You’re going to college!

You have tons of other things to think about, right? Like what your major might be, which classes to take first, which dorm is the most fun, teacher your friend recommended for that one class you need, maybe even how to get a student pass for the cafeteria or where to get that first job on campus.

But sooner or later, your thoughts will come back to money for college.

Now you have to pay tuition, get books, an apartment...

Where will you get the money?

Whether you use your own savings, a student loan, a scholarship, grant money, or a great tuition reimbursement program, you need cash. I’ve been there.

Think of this as an opportunity. Earning a college degree can change your life, especially when you finish. A better job, a career, better pay. Eventually more of the things that make your life worthwhile down the road.

That piece of paper called a diploma says something about you - that you know your subject, and that you completed a big job.

The diploma represents your hard work. Whether you decide to attend a university for your education, like I did, or a vocational college, doesn't matter.

But finishing, that does matter. Once you finish, you can always list that as an accomplishment. No one can take it away.

So if you have an educational goal in mind, pursue it.

Consider this a push in the right direction, and go finish it.

Being a student and getting a college education takes money, and that’s what is for. How to find money you can use for school, where to apply for a Stafford or PLUS loan, a grant, or how to work with your employer for tuition money through a job.

Use this site as a resource to help you find money for your college education.

These days, everything seems to get more complex. You have to program your smartphone. Your unlimited data plan is essential to your college plan, am I right?

Higher education keeps you up to date in your field, and bring in an income to pay for all the goodies you need these days.

One more thing, and this is sort of a secret: it's not that hard to pass college classes. You can do this. But paying for it can be the hardest part - just getting enough money for college to beat tuition and rent and get textbooks.

Once you have the money, the classes often are the easy part. And attending university can be the most fun you've ever had, regardless of your age when you get there.

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